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For a better understanding of what this means for your music career read the following explanation provided by “Fresh On the Net”

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The web pages for all BBC music radio shows include tracklistings for each episode. Each song has a link to the corresponding Artist Page on the BBC Music website (above). And, crucially, the information on all those Artist Pages is taken from MusicBrainz – the world’s largest public domain music database.

The important news for independent artists is that if you don’t already have an artist profile on MusicBrainz, the next time you’re played on BBC radio the track listing will either point at an empty Artist Page or – worse still – may not point at anything at all.

The good news is that MusicBrainz (a collaborative public domain project like Wikipedia) allows you to create and maintain your own artist profile on its database.

At first sight, the MusicBrainz website looks a bit daunting, but don’t panic! We’ve broken the whole registration process down for you into 10 easy-to-follow steps.

Steps to do this yourself may be found here: Add your release to Music Brainz 10 Steps