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  • Breakthrough As An Artist Without Breaking Your Back

    Breakthrough As An Artist Without Breaking Your Back There is a notion that to succeed as an artist you must be attached to a major label. These, record labels,  managers or promoters take charge of your career by directing marketing, fan engagement, branding, distribution of your work, etc. All this is done at huge commissions

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  • Why Can’t You Make It In Hip-Hip

    WHY CAN'T I MAKE IN HIP-HOP!? Ok... So you're doing everything! You have made quality music. The sound is awesome, the beat is the shiz and the mix is radio ready! WAIT! You even pulled the resources and money together to make a great video. You have fans, you do shows and well... NOW WHAT? People

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  • What Will #TNM Do For Me?

    What Will #TNM The New Movement Inc. Even Do For Me?    Our company is a nonprofit for musicians. However one must be invited to apply and become a member. We offer real time one on one Music Career Consulting and Educational Guidance about the business and legal aspects of the industry. We teach artists to become a business and how to create several revenue

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