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Lester Smith aka SR.Gent

Known for his depth of words, electrifying delivery, and one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing melodies Lester Rodell Smith Sr. has taken his unwavering love for music to new levels.  An early respect for West Coast “gangster rap” artists such as “NWA”  and his all time favorite artist “Tupac Shakur” fed his creative fire and led him to began writing creatively at age 13.

Various hardships hit the young artist in his childhood, however the unfortunate loss of his mother to suicide at age six,  led Lester also known as “SR.gent” down a path of improvement for not only himself, but his family as well. He made a promise to strive for a better life daily, which is a promise he still keeps to this day.


SR.Gent was enlisted in the U.S. Army during 2007, serving in Korea, Germany, and Afghanistan. It wasn’t until 2013 that SR.Gent started writing and recording music.

Currently, SR.Gent is the Owner of LTP INC, an independent record label, which he is also signed to along with his label mates CashOnAble, Gutta Terantino, DTrick Tha Bandit, Stefanello, and Britt.  After one meeting and a simple quick glance at his list of accomplishments the executives at #TNM understood that focus and determination are obvious this artists strongest traits. Lester graduated from the esteemed “Berklee College of Music” in 2017. While managing a record label and building a music career are passionate goals for the artist, being a full-time father is his primary focus. This would have rung as an issue in the Music Industry of Old, however in this this day an age it is another testament to this young mans ability to commit and take ownership of his own path.

We  feel this young artist is , a father, a leader, a solid business mind, a talented writer, performer and a visionary. We are proud to add him to this years Roster of amazing #TNM members and we gladly support his career.

To learn more about this talented young man go to https://www.ltptheteam.com


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