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Tairi James also known as the fiery “Eskimo Jones”. comes to us from Harrisburg, Pa. Influenced by the late great “Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and even Jay-Z. Eskimo has  aspired to seek a successful future in the rap game. A seasoned M.C. and amazing writer, He has been determined to be recognized as an “impressionable lyricist”.

He has performed at several regional events and competitions. His versatile writing style has caused him to be recognized as one of the fastest rising lyricist in his city. His ability to deliver strong punch lines while giving his fans a clear vision along with his story telling type flow has made hip a popular favorite.  

Eskimo is a young entertainer guaranteed to be a commodity to the Hip-hop world. His natural leadership nature has set a path for others to follow. He has already shown that he is not just your average rapper on the microphone. He is a true M.C. Eskimo delivers a message in every song,and never forgets where he’s come from.  

Look for his Suite Seven Seventeen album on iTunes. You will always be surprised and most satisfied as the music gets better every with every release. Radio Ready Content, affinity for leadership &  seasoned performance skills are just some of the reason we have chosen him as an official #TNM member!  Follow Eskimo on Facebook and LIKE HIS FB FAN PAGE! Buy His Album On ITUNE


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