Raquel Garcia is a 21 year old fire bomb from Arizona. Creating great music is easy for this artist and this amazing high energy music flows with good vibes. We listen to a LOT of music at #TNM and its refreshing to hear a ( Wait! Can we say positive in public?) POSITIVE SONG with an inspiring message. One of the most important things to Raquel is family and she has a strong and supportive unit. This upbeat Latina is not playing around, she’s doing this from her soul! Her performance makes happiness a thing of contagion, that even the emo in the room couldn’t resist.

“When I was in high school I started making songs. Since I was a little kid music has inspired and helped me. I Write my own songs. My goal is to inspire you all. I appreciate everyone who supports #TEAMRMG” – Raquel Garcia 

Lets talk attitude and professionalism. No, lets just say it like this; when a humble heart beats to a Latin drum the whole experience is bound to be awesome and a party is sure to be the outcome!

“I want my music to connect with you guys,  if you feel alone then listening to my music will make you realize you are never alone and we have all been there.”

– Raquel Garcia

Did I mention attitude? One word RIGHTEOUS! Another word, REAL. Still not a believer? Go visit her web-page and feel it for yourself. Here is a word! STAR. https://628252.site123.me

“I been writing music since I was a kid , I would randomly make songs about the moon and so on. Music is a huge remedy for all of us.  RMG is about positivity and giving glory to God because God is always there for us in our darkest times.” – Raquel Garcia

Oh and the last thing she told us after cranking our party and before exiting stage left..

“Be kind to others.”

Yeah support RMG and anything else you see this kids name on! That’s a #TNM MOVE!

Follow RMG on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/RMGEENORMAMUSIC

Subscribe to her You-Tube channel so you don’t miss a moment in the unfolding of this story of success! https://m.youtube.com/user/TheRMGTV


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