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#TNM was founded in 2012 after discovering so many gifted artists in our pass time on twitter. Some of those artists where having a hard time just getting forums to allow them space to share and people to listen.

” I had this extensive background and knowledge of “the industry” that I wasn’t using. Because of the experiences I witnessed my own mother “Lillie McCloud”  suffer through, I was also hyper aware that the issues these artists where facing would be well beyond just being heard. Thinking about it, I began to be all together disturbed. I decided complaining wasn’t changing the issues, and together with a close friend #TNM Nonprofit was launched.” – Lady Rayne McCloud

Today #TNM assists and represents artists in every genre, No matter what level you’re on, how many plays, likes or how much you make in royalties, WE TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY!  Apply.


The New Music Movement Of Love on The Web Inc. 2012-2018

In todays industry managers are not interested until you have some serious business to manage, but the road from here to there has a lot of challenges. We provide a bridge, by assisting artists while they are building their career. We are available consistently in one on one fashion and we have a PROFUND amount of knowledge. We can answer any question with a solid certainty.  This prevents the mistakes MOST artist make while they are in the process of building a foundation in the industry. #TNM The New Music Movement Inc. can get you MOVING in the right direction. Apply Now!

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Lady Rayne McCloud

Lady Rayne McCloud

Lead Manager/Founder/Owner/CEO

Tosh Meadows

Tosh Meadows

Head of Marketing & Communications/Treasurer/Owner

Lillie fro 2

Lillie McCloud

Lead Performance Coach


Cassandra “Rasafire” James


Tracy Stroud

Tracy Stroud

Head of Education

Dujuan Dixion 4

Dujuan Dixion

Lead Booking Agent /Event Coordinator/Networking

Let’s create your music career growth strategy together!


The mission of #TNM is to protect, aid and support the vision of artists throughout the world by providing them with the necessary tools that allow them to reach all of their stated career goals…

Taking artists from simply creating great content to creating a solid business foundation is our passion. “We Pride Ourselves On Being Personal” about the business we do.

#TNM has been trusted by 734 artists since 2016 + clients and companies worldwide


#Love2U from the #TNM #MusicFAM send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


©2018 #TNM The New Music Movement Of Love On The Web Inc. 501c3 Florida Nonprofit Incorporation. #TNM Trifecta Main Artist Support Page  Small Guy Records  & Lady Rayne Presents Inc. Family

888-901-4866 tnm@tnmwordup.com

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