Welcome to #TNM, we invite you to move forward to the application process and hope to support your career soon.” – Lady Rayne #TNM CEO

The mission of #TNM is to protect, aid and support the vision of artists throughout the world by providing them with the necessary tools that allow them to reach all of their stated career goals…

If you experience any technical issues during this process please email us at tnm@tnmwordup.com

or call 888-901-4866

 $5.00 Membership Application Fee Is Required

Scroll to find application on this page.

Link for application fee is found at the end of your application.

STOP: If you were not SENT to this link by a #TNM executive please do not attempt to pay or to fill out this application. #TNM applicants are invited to apply by an owner, founder or executive directly. If you attempt to skip this step your application will be denied and payment will not be refunded.

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The following persons retain the right to send you to this link. If you have not spoken to one of these people via a LIVE telephone call please return to www.thenewmovement.com and use the “REQUEST TO APPLY” tab to continue:

Lady Rayne McCloud #TNM CEO & FOUNDER ladyrayne@tnmwordup.com



Tosh Meadows #TNM Dir Of Marketing , Treasurer & Partner Owner  Tosh@tnmwordup.com




Cassandra James Chief Director of Staff & Founder  Rasafire@tnmwordup.com

1-717-623-4866 Email prior to calling for scheduled time of conference


#Love2U from the #TNM #MusicFAM send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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