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Antoine Goodson, better known by his stage name NHT Goodson, is an American Rapper from Springfield Massachusetts. He is the owner and founder of NHT (No Home Trainin LLC.). He released his debut mix-tape H.O.E (Hard on Everything) and a series of songs and singles that have received nothing but positive feedback. An all around professional and a joy to work with NHT displays a seasoned, crowd engaging, memorable performance at every opportunity.

NHT has a strong and loyal following. His ability  to capture his crowd changes the energy of any size room into a party. A good artist isn’t just about the talent they display on-stage. NHT displays a consistent willingness to assist in promoting and securing the success of every project in which he is involved. His amazing work ethic sets this artist above the rest where hip-hop artists are concerned. Versatile and able to create content for any occasion and play to any crowd type this is the guy to call to make any event a meaningful one.


#TNM inc. Management

EMAIL: NHT@tnmwordup.com

CONTACT: Lady Rayne McCloud

PHONE: 1-717-608-9995


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