#TNM Member Services

Get a REAL MANAGER For $200.00 Flat Per Year! PLUS Everything #TNM Provides. We provide our supported artists with tons of information, as well as highly discounted and free business services. We assure that our supported artists are well protected and have the tools to meet their individual career goals.

Music Career Management

#TNM offers professional representation to it’s members. Powerful, confident and knowledgeable industry professionals do the talking so you don’t have to. This creates a blanket of protection between our members and industry phonies. There is no contract or percentage of income charged to members for this service. We Manage artists at a $200.00 per YEAR flat rate. The only catch is you have to apply and be accepted to the #TNM program.

Apply Now having a REAL manager is the first step to having a real career in music. 


Please Request to Apply for Professional Management. 


Business Registration

#TNM provides business registration and registered business agent service for every new  member. Being a registered business creates an organized and safer way to handle contractual agreements & income. Learn Music Business particulars by joining #TNM now.

Business Registration Services Available For Entire U.S.

 Registration done for you by our admins FREE OF CHARGE.

State Reregistration fees are not included. CHECK YOUR STATE FEES HERE.

Registered agent services may be outsourced to partnering law firm.



Let’s face it. The New Music Industry Requires a New Mind Set, a Business Mind Set. Artists have to be entrepreneurs to make it and waiting for a big break is a BIG waste of time.”-Lady Rayne McCloud #TNM CEO

#TNM members enjoy e-learning and certification opportunities.  We direct our members to classes such as Music Business 101, Copy Right Law, Contract Creation and other business education. This allows them to make more knowledgeable decisions and assists them in creating successful  career opportunities for themselves and others.   This is Free and Mandatory For #TNM Members.

#TNM Education Is Provided by:

Renman Music & Business 

Now Included With All New #TNM Memberships For FREE $100.00 Value 

Legal Aid & Contract Creation

Tier 2 #TNM members who have completed the education process are covered by limited legal aid. We create all contracts types and work to get them signed and returned. We review contracts which are submitted to supported artists for validity.  We hold all valid contracts on file for their duration. Members can always request re-explanation when and if questions arise and copies of contracts on file may be ordered at an time. Ask you support mentor how you may become a Tier 2 member or email us at memberservices@tnmwordup.com

#TNM Managers are NOT Lawyers and DO NOT give legal advice.

Signing a contract with out #TNM review, (or neglecting to participate in music business classes, prior to entering a binding agreement) resulting in a need for legal assistance after the fact will result in other charges and fees.



Add the Small business & GoBiz Supplement & cover yourself, your family and your business with a Law Firm NOW. Low affordable monthly rates available. 


 Copy Right Services

#TNM members benefit from copy right services. #TNM admins complete the copyright for all our official members. Pay your U.S. Copy Right Office filing fee and that is the only cost of completing possibly the most important task in your career.

( Check U.S. Copy Right Office for fee information. )


Music Publishing

Tier 2#TNM members who have completed the education process & paid their dues are provided music publishing (administrative) & limited placement services. We also work diligently to find a publishing deals and services for members we feel are ready to build a professional catalog and are in need of more placement opportunities. #TNM Publishing fees  are always %10 percent.

Apply Now


#TNM provides Tier 2 members music distribution through our new record label. #TNM Small Guy Records Inc., along with Ditto Music, work together for our members to offer distribution to hundreds of digital stores like Spotify, iTunes & Rhapsody. And Many More:

Distribution Service Rates For Members  10%

We personally communicate with you about your records sales and assure that you receive your royalties. #TNM works to assist in successful record sales, providing aggressive marketing and advertising via the #TNM Small Guy Records Inc. Record Label. Look us up now! 

Protecting your right to be paid for your work is what we do best!


Full Music Career Consultation

The most important aspect of #TNM is the one on one consultation we provide. We are an important company filled with Music Professionals. People say business is not personal, #TNM believes everything is personal. Our members can call us day or night. Each member is assigned a #TNM mentor who educates, answers questions, directs and guides members concerning every aspect of their music career. This is a free service to #TNM members. “We Pride Ourselves On Being Personal”.

#TNM career consulting and mentor-ship not available to non-members.

Schedule time with Lady Rayne


Artist Branding

The #TNM team assists artists with Branding & Marketing. Most artists have an idea of what this consists of but are exploding with so much creativity they are not sure how to build their brand. We help you move in the right direction while assisting in the creation of any content you may need. We want people to remember you, building your brand & increasing it’s recognition, makes that happen.

Tier 3 Members Get EPK Creation that will stay LIVE with no monthly fees or subscriptions required.

Logo & Unique Art For CD’s Albums, Social Media Pages, Flyer Creation and other needs are also avaible!

FULL Website Creation Starting at $199.00

(Interested in #TNM web Builders making your site? OK! Email us and request assistance. memberservices@tnmwordup.com SUBJECT LINE: Website Creation.)


 Mixing & Mastering

Professional Mixing and mastering for any #TNM member track  $20.00 Basic Volume/Panning Leveling, EQ, Compression With Stock Plugins. $60.00 Advanced Volume/Panning Leveling, EQ, Compression & Fx, With High Quality Digital Plugins.   5 Tracks at a time Maximum.  All work is guaranteed & professionally done, resulting in radio ready clean sound. Work is reviewed by your consultant prior to sending out and reviewed again upon return. We make sure your finished product reflects the excellence of our brand.


“Radio Ready” Mixing and mastering services and consulting $100 for non #TNM members. Advanced Volume/Panning Leveling, EQ, Compression & Fx, With High Quality Digital Plugins. If you are looking for advanced Analog Mixing email us at tnm@tnmwordup.com or set up a call at the bottom of this page to discuss your project.


Promotion & Fan Base Building

It’s no secret that #TNM is a program that takes care of the business end of your music career. However we are kind of popular and great social media marketing along with world wide exposure is just one of many extra perks that come with being a member. We also teach our members the marketing and advertising tricks they need to know to create real sales. There are more of these kind of perks, that only members know about and we’d like to keep it that way! This is a Free service for #TNM members.



#Love2U from the #TNM #MusicFAM send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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