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Nathan (Mr.Junbug) Clayborne was born and raised in Nashville TN.
He started his music career with the group Capital Punishment Klik in 1994.  When this artist released “Return From The Dead” he sold 1,500 copies on cassettes tape! In 1995 Capital Punishment released “Ghetto Stories selling 4,100 copies , in 1997″ Shadow Of Death” , sold 10,000 copies . Today “Shadow of Death has been downloaded over 50,000 times. Sales in Germany and Japan have catapulted Mr. Junbug to success in the music industry. In 1999 Capital Punishment did it again with the release of “Different Levels of The Game” nationally through select-o-hits. This time selling 3,000 copies scanned and 5,000 copies from hand to hand. In 2000 the group split and Mr. Junbug released “Karma vol.1.”  The single “Whatcha Workin Wit” attracted lots of attention in Georgia and Florida. Orpheus Entertainment, and Slip-n-Slide Records,  showed lots of interest but never reached an agreement with the artist. Mr.Junbug has opened shows for some very established artists such as Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy, DMXLudacrisCoCo Cal, Eightball and MJG. In 1996 Mr. Junbug opened for Tupac in Nashville,TN and St.Louis,Mo. This artist has been on quite a ride and is still one of the hardest working players in the game.


Nathan (Mr.Junbug) Clayborne also does all of his on production. Recently joining forces with MTS Music Group to establish a solid foundation in music production. Mr.Junbug also known as DJ Trixx runs his own live Internet radio station called “Cashville Radio” . The stage is now set for the Nashville native to make a positive noise in the music industry. #TNM is more then honored to support this amazing talented individual.


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