Kidd T 

Titus Dockery was born and raised in Logan Square and the Westside of Chicago, IL. This 19 year old known as KIDD T  creates hip-hop, and alternative hip-hop music with a touch of R&B and has a very versatile sound. To say he is high energy is an understatement. Ever heard the term “Snapping”? When I watch this kidd create, I see him light up with the vibe of a good beat and then he just rides the energy and he’s off in a trance creating a new hit song.

“My music inspires and motivates people to be who they really are and can help them find themselves” -KIDD T

There is a new wave of hip-hop as todays generation begins to form its own style and legacy, this young MC, has a good grip on this new wave. Coming from Chicago he manages to have fun with his music while masterfully reflecting and expressing art based on his everyday life. Support our next generation as they strive for success and follow their dreams in the pursuit of happiness. or rage vibes.. I don’t know. Its all really “A Hot Mess” and you should pick up that new EP while you’re at it! Keep up with KIDD T and #FollowTheMovement here…..






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