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Antoine “NHT” Goodson

Antoine Goodson, better known by his stage name NHT Goodson, is an American Rapper from Springfield Massachusetts. He is the owner and founder of NHT (No Home Trainin LLC.). He released his debut mix-tape H.O.E (Hard on Everything) and a series of songs and singles that have received nothing but positive feedback.



#FollowTheMovement and get familiar with “NHT GOODSON”. This Rapper from Massachusetts masters his cool and keeps it a buck fifty all while having fun with his music by adding his own brand of swagger. A business all in and of himself, “No Home Training” knows that a good product sells itself. This artist is serious and seasoned in the art of  live entertainment and his feet are firmly planted on the road to success in the music industry. Like follow share and comment as NHT continues to drop hit after hit.




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