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A ‘Hunid Myles

His name is A’Hunid Myles Baby, Born up North, Rochester Ny… But raised down South .. Orange City/DeLand Fl… “I fell in love with music in my early teenage years, once I actually started listening to the lyrics.” It all began with the legendary”Eminem”

From that moment on it was a official… He wanted to be a rapper.  For years it was just a hobby and something he enjoy doing in his free time. But eventually after putting out so many different tracks, MYLES constantly receive positive feedback and reference to actually doing something with his music and having a gift.


Giving you real life scenarios. all Uncut and blood raw.  A ‘HUNID MYLES main motivation in being a successful rap artist, besides the fact that it’s his dream, Is being able to provide for his 4 beautiful children, A ‘Hunid Myles believes in his ability to tell stories and teach at the same time.

‘The Hottest Down South, Underground rap artist in line to Blow!! Here doing what I love to do with a passion! Bringing Back2Back Banga’s… Real Life Story Music, coming straight from the heart..! Speaking on my experiences with life, Combined with a One of a kind flow, Unique Swag & impressive lyrics’ – A’HUNID MYLES

A ‘Hunid Myles is the only rapper today to Feature #TNM First Lady Ms. Lillie McCloud

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