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The Harris Project 






“Family Is Everything”- The Mantra By Which We Live

Meet The Team:

Andrew – Lead Post Production Engineer, Recording Engineer, Pianist.
Bryan  –   Lead Vocal Arranger, Vocalist, Drummer

Jordan  – Lead Tracking Producer, Recording Engineer, Bass Player
Karen–     Mom / Manager (Momager)

Kenneth–  Dad/ Adviser

Co-Manager- Lady Rayne McCloud #TNM Management Team.

This amazingly talented group of young people does it all!  They are strong lyricists, musicians and producers. Creating heart felt and beautiful pieces consistently, together they make up a full production team.  They enjoy working with new indie artists. Because of this they have made themselves available for hire. Able to meet any music production needs and more then capable of completing an enitre project from start to finish, we assure an amazing & unique product.

​Growing up in Houston,  the group was blessed to be nurtured in a musical & supportive environment which enhanced their growth.  Although “The Harris Project” is young they have invested many years in their journey. The early beginnings of playing in area churches, has led them into becoming heavily involved in the youth/music ministries of their own church. They have enjoyed, creating and participating in different events such as concerts, youth retreats, outdoor praise, and lock-ins.  Being around so many people who have a deep and committed interest in God, sparked the interest of  the very same in these young people.

 “Our wish is to do what God directs us to do with the talents we were given. These experiences have led us to the realization that we need to write and publish our own music!  At first it seemed risky to invest our money into all the equipment and our time into all the studio work needed to birth our own Music Movement, but we all agreed that the least we could do is try.”  -The Harris Project

The passion of these artists resonates in every song they write and every performance they deliver. #TNM is left utterly speechless by the perfect harmonies and seemingly effortless delivery which is displayed by the group. We are proud to announce “The Harris Project” as one of this years #TNM tagged Artists and Members. – Lady Rayne McCloud #CEO

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