The Rift


“The Rift” is a wonderful high energy three piece rock n roll band based in Los Angeles California. For this band music has gotta to be from the heart, “from your bones”, they are truly in the business of loving what they do.
There idea about creating is that great things can come out of a tragedy and that idea is what launched their music careers. They came together and bonded through music working to turn around the dark time they were experiencing in there lives and something clicked during that effort. “The Rift” was birthed!


Traditionally, a rift is an open space. It’s a place of possibility and promise. Los Angeles hard rock trio THE RIFT lives up to its moniker.

The musicians have played alongside the likes of Exodus, Yngwie Malmsteen, The Misfits, The band has also received nominations at the Hollywood Music Awards and Ventura County Music Awards.
Their story is really moving, interesting and worth taking the time to read. You can find it here along with tons of music, videos, pictures and EVENT DATES!
If you get the awesome chance to see “THE RIFT” live they will definitely transfer their inf