Rodney Russell Clark ,“Eighteennover” is an Artist, Storyteller & Songwriter, based in Philadelphia, PA. Born June 18 1989. This gifted and motivated young man has decided to chase his dreams and refuses to let anyone stand in his way to success.

He states that he is an outsider, “people find him weird for not following what the world is doing.” He experiments with his voice to create his exciting and fun raspy rock sound. A crossover delight for Alternative Rock, R&B and Hip-Hop fans. He is not afraid to explore different music genre’s. Eighteen will create anything, “as long there is a meaningful story or message to it.”

His musical styling’s have been compared to Kid Cudi, Gym Class Heroes, and Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Album all mixed and shaken out, creating something new and mind stimulating. Watch out for his new album, which is to be released this year.

His goals include being heard, inspiring others to follow their dreams, to be in the position to take care of his mother and grandmother, and to finally  be “happy living life”. His dream is to follow no man on earth, and just be his self!


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