Breakthrough As An Artist Without Breaking Your Back

There is a notion that to succeed as an artist you must be attached to a major label. These, record labels,  managers or promoters take charge of your career by directing marketing, fan engagement, branding, distribution of your work, etc. All this is done at huge commissions with these companies making you believe that you owe your success to them. But with the changes in the artistic platform, you do not need any of the big names to succeed. There are ways to brand, distribute, license and promote and promote your music without sacrificing a huge portion of your earnings. After all, you work hard to make the money and should thus reap maximum benefit. Labels are not bad but they are INVESTORS! They fast track funding for an ROI ( Return On Investment). That means there is a percentage rate attached to your RECORD DEAL!


The New Movement ( is an innovative approach for artists. It gives the artist full control over their careers and earnings. How much do you pay your manager? For most artists, managers determine how much the artist earns in order to decide if they are worth it. The managers literary live off your sweat. However, with TNM, you get a manager for only 200$ a year. This is a real manager who will give you all the support you have ever dreamed of. With the $200 flat rate for the year, you also access tons of information that will enable you reach your career goals. This includes adequate protection from market exploitation.

Additional services offered by TNM are highly subsidized. Other business services are free as long as your $200 subscription is active. Some of the services you enjoy from TNM include


  • Music Career Management– this means development of a vision, mission, strategy and action plan. Your career is handled by experienced professionals who are knowledgeable, confident and powerful enough to talk and negotiate on your behalf. While they negotiate gigs and contracts for you, you will not pay anything above the $200 annual membership fee. This package is exclusively available to members.
  • Business Registration– artist who earn from their skills are those who handle their talent as a business. Registering as a business enables you to get into contracts with third parties. Each state or city has different rules and requirements. TNM takes up the challenge to enable you work throughout the USA. Non members have to pay $100 for these services. As a member, this will only cost you $20.
  • E-learning– only the informed will succeed in the world today. Members are taken through valuable classes like business education, copyright laws, contract creation and music business and opportunity for certificates are vast.
  • Legal Aid– contracts are used to bind artists and suck their earnings. TNM draws and reviews all types of contracts, with the aim of protecting the artist. You pay astronomical figures to get a good contract. TNM only charges $20 for members. This will secure your income by protecting you from exploitation.

Other services like copyrighting, music publishing, distribution and artist branding are also available at unthinkably low prices. You do not need to spend a fortune to make it as an artist. You also do not need to surrender your earnings or rights to a third party. With TNM, all the professional services are available at a reasonable fee. This is your perfect opportunity to earn from your music.


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