Ari De Leo #TNM Member 2017

We Are Excited To Welcome A Beautiful Spirit To The Family. #TNM The New Music Movement Inc. & Lady Rayne Proudly Presents:

Ari De Leo


Josh Ari Selvey (AKA Ari De Leo), 23, was born and raised’ in Harrisburg, PA. Josh specializes in the “expressive arts”, as a child of 10-year-old, his interest in music was ignited by, piano and violin. Josh later took an interest in the visual arts as well, and has been developing his crafts ever since. Later he expanded his interests into the theatrical arts and film, working with local directors and producers such as Monkia Ross & Jontrae Williams.

Ari creates music infused with hope, spirituality, oneness, love, social activism, beauty, magic and over all healing. Speaking loudly to a generation that is in dire need of the new age positive, creativity. Please stay tuned for the next big thing!
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