Ok… So you’re doing everything! You have made quality music. The sound is awesome, the beat is the shiz and the mix is radio ready!


You even pulled the resources and money together to make a great video. You have fans, you do shows and well…


People find you, make you feel like you have made “the bomb” connection. They sell you something or another and it goes somewhere. However a week later it doesn’t matter anymore. All your moves feel small, and lead right back to the same place.

You have reached your cap. 

Sorry but it’s true. Since you have not taken the time to learn a single thing about music as a business, you have done everything you know. What you know has taken you where it goes. So you do it again and again. Music,studio,video,show…. Again…..and even worse no real growth in income. some even spend more then they make doing all of this. Bad business.


The biggest issue with most hip-hop artists that I consult is laziness!


These are the things I hear again and again from 99% of hip-hop artists: “Lady Rayne, I be on my grind, I am a soldier, I go in, music is what I do, I get it, Blah Blah Blah. How I feel while they are speaking to me?


There are MORE STEPS! Rinse, wash, repeat, only cleans the clothes. The rest of the house is dirty and it is obvious to everyone (that could REALLY HELP YOU), that you are talented, but not ready to make them a dime. YEP!

  • You can’t make ME any money and you need money!
  • I am looking for an artist that will bring me a return on my investment.
  • YEP! My investment in time, effort, and money.
  • I have to pay for you to fly, hotels, to retain venues, promotion, marketing, a&r, lights,sound, transportation. I mean ….
  • If I am a real pro, coming with a real opportunity, I am coming with MY checkbook.
  • Money I worked to make and have to use wisely.
  • I am not coming for a a dream and a gamble.
  • I have worked it out, the numbers are clear.

So I call you.

In a ten minute time frame I know…. You have no idea what you are getting into.That’s OK, because I am willing to mentor or manage you. However in another ten minutes your ego has spoken loud and clear….


So, I hang up, scroll through my long list of choices and I help someone else not as talented as you, but willing to move to the next steps. I make real money & they make real money. Evn if they are garbage compared to you, they understand that money must be made and they know how to interact with people who spend money. YOU…. well ya know… Music, studio, video, show. FOREVER! By the way if you are never going to welcome the next level. Get back on your day job.

So what is the next level? Well that’s for another post. But….   

1.Start at learning.

Learn about music as a business.

2.Take Classes. 

There are lots of free classes on-line ( Google search find them!)

3. Get a mentor.

If you are focused and realistic YOU CAN find one great music business professional to mentor you.

4.Read books.

Literary mentors work just as well, read books written by professionals who know the business.

This is the age of information. Youtube it! Find a person you can learn from until you have learned everything you can from that one person. Focus!

Prepare the foundation of your journey so your house won’t fall down.

You will do well by applying the same “Be on my grind” attitude to finding out what the people on the other end of this business are thinking. The people in the backstage are running the entire business. They are making more money then the artist and they are the reason the artist is making money. If they don’t see this potential in you, they would rather have you keep up the very nice hobby you have created for yourself.

5.Start to research everything and everyone.

STOP TALKING to people before you have taken the time to research them. Know what they do, or have done! MAKE A PLAN. Remember the people with the most power in this industry are rarely obvious. Think about the millionaire sitting in Starbucks with his flipflop and gone fishing hat on! People who have been in power and have had money for a long time rarely feel the need to be flashy and loud. You may have never seen a person or heard of them and they are the very person who will launch your career. “RESEARCH BEFORE YOU REACH OUT!”



The realities of this business do not provide any other space but the stage for a show! If you say the wrong thing to the right person YOU WILL NEVER WORK ANYWHERE AGAIN FOR A VERY LONG TIME!! So get that in check first.

#TNM provides real consultation and mentor-ship for serious artists who are ready to learn this business. Apply For a Chance to work with people who care!

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