What Will #TNM The New Movement Inc. Even Do For Me? 


Our company is a nonprofit for musicians. However one must be invited to apply and become a member.

We offer real time one on one Music Career Consulting and Educational Guidance about the business and legal aspects of the industry. We teach artists to become a business and how to create several revenue streams to set themselves apart from the current industry saturation.

We also provide limited legal aid and contract creation for artists ( both doing this for them and teaching them to do it properly for themselves.

Membership to #TNM also includes management, which is not under a contract and does not require a percentage cut of the artists income.

We have a sister company connected to our nonprofit (#TNM Small Guy Records Inc.) which offers those who are #TNM members publishing, licensing and many other services. Our publishing provides 90 % royalties to artists. This is simply unheard of any where in the world.

Ok, Whats the Down Side?

“The hard part is getting in. I can say that is the down side of #TNM. It’s even a pain for us!

“Our company has a rigid structure, however its a structure that is solid and sets our company and the artists who complete our program apart from the industry saturation” – Lady Rayne #TNM CEO

Because we are not fans of taking on the masses, but we are instead fans of the highly motivated and those with a work ethic strong enough to build a career; one must be invited to apply, thats step one.

You must be invited to #TNM by a #TNM member in good standing, an employee, executive, board member or founder.

This very serious as the first question on our application is “Who invited you?” and if it is found you where never invited but instead stated that you were you are band from re-applying for six months.

WHY!? In a Word RESPECTWe want professionals in the industry to have respect for us and to trust us when we reach out to them about any particular artist or event. ALSO YOUR TRUSTArtists have already wasted enough time playing around and paying money to people who want nothing more, then money! These people do not care about anything that artists care about. They cost artists lots of money but connection to them does not have any real or lasting results. Our Company is built on a non-profit structure so that in the end we don’t have to depend on a bunch of people paying us for the program services! It keeps us honest as music industry professionals. PLUS, this way we are never seeming to just be collecting 5 dollar application fees from every body and their mother! 🙂 Even though sometimes we will open the application process to the public for the sake of creating enough income to keep the non-profit running and to take on more artists; if time hasn’t allowed our small staff the luxury of enjoying scouting in our own most enjoyable ways.


Although we have received lots of emails about at lest changing it where any artist can pay the 5 dollars to apply without unnecessary delay. I as the CEO of #TNM do not as of yet agree that the delay is unnecessary. Considering the extraordinary foolishness going on in our industry on-line at present, I think a small delay is VERY necessary. But I have created a way to Request to apply! Which does make the necessity of already knowing a #TNM member, employee or other affiliate less important.

So that’s the downside for now and the biggest complaint and I am willing to take that one on the chin with a simple; “I apologize for the inconvenience. The #TNM application process is set up in this way to protect the interest of our Foundation and it’s members.” One can not simply pay to become a #TNM member on the spot. PERIOD and that most likely will never change.


We are a 501c3 non-profit! However we are still a business and our members do pay dues once a year. The cost is $500.00 per year and may be paid in one , or two payments depending on your manager and or consultant. Most times the manager will accept you for 6 months and re-evaluate your progress before renewing your membership for another 6 months.

If you are not willing or can not at present afford to invest anything in building your career… Well we respect that and wish you the best of luck. We are super down to earth and if you bump into an issue as you courageously make your way through the business and legal aspects of this industry you may reach out to us.

I am Lady Rayne McCloud, You can Find Cassandra James aka ( Tnms-Rasafire on Facebook, Lillie Nicole on facebook, Tosh Meadows on Facebook or Naomi McCloud “Little Miss #TNM” ( Who also won PROM QUEEN THIS YEAR AND IS GRADUATING WITH HONORS! YAY!) may be found on Facebook as well. Our Number is 888-901-4866 or 717- 343-70323 and we will be happy to lend you an answer or two.


GET A DAY JOB LIKE THE REST OF US KID! YOU GOTTA SPEND MONEY TO MAKE IT! BUT NO… REALLY….First you have to be accepted to even be sent a pay link. If we have accepted an artist who can not afford to pay their dues all at once we may give the artist a payment plan option. But they must prove hardship. And YES that is more paper work. It may be easier to find yourself a sponsor or wait until you have raised the funds. We are not going anywhere we have been supporting artists since 2011!  SO WE DO NOT PLAN ON QUITTING ANY TIME SOON! 🙂 xoxoxo

So the very worst part about #TNM is from the time you let us know your interested to the time you become a member may take between 2 weeks and 30 days depending on your individual situation and the situation of each artist we support. We do things the old way by hand, treating each artist as an investment, because they are! Every artist costs quite a bit of funding which may come out of the money donated, grant money provided or a managers, mentor or owners own pocket. In short you get in faster if you have done some work before you come to us! You are more likely to get in if you are serious and want to work hard on building a proper business foundation for your career. If you cant pay at all you most likely wont be accepted. Now you know just about everything you can know before you become a member.

If you do have any questions please feel free to email me at my personal email rayne@tnmwordup.com  Spam will get you banned from the #TNM application process for six months… SO exnay on the spamAy Ok!? If you would like to put in a request to Apply to become an Officially Supported #TNM artist then TO BAD! No… Really…. You can go here:


Oh and if you absolutely MUST! Here is my personal number 717-608-9995 but make sure you have REALLY got something worth saying to say! Lots of #Love2U from the #TNM #MusicFAM www.TheNewMovement.com Website Coming Soon. – Lady Rayne #TNM CEO


#Love2U from the #TNM #MusicFAM send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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